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Whole Bean Coffee | Bolivian Single Origin | Medium Roast

Whole Bean Coffee | Bolivian Single Origin | Medium Roast

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Adventure is out there, capture the essence of adventure in your cup. 

Roasted in the highest city in the world

Our skilled roasters meticulously roast our coffee beans in small batches at an altitude of 13.326 Feet in La Paz, ensuring a consistent and exceptional flavor profile. 

Aromatic and Balanced

Our medium roast ground coffee showcases a balance of flavor and aroma;  notes of chocolate, caramel, and a hint of citrus.

Make it your own

The whole bean coffee is specially designed for those who prefer to grind their beans to their desired coarseness, ensuring peak freshness and flavor in every cup.

  • 100% hand-selected Arabica beans grown on Siquilini Farm, near the Death Road deep in the Yungas Jungle.
  • Aromatic and balanced flavor with chocolate, caramel, and citrus notes.
  • Expertly roasted at 13.326 Feet for consistent, exceptional flavor.
  • Pre-ground for convenience and efficiency, ideal for those on the go.
  • Designed to fuel outdoor pursuits and invigorate the senses.

Specially crafted for adventure seekers, this blend captures the essence of the Yungas jungle and the majestic Andes mountains, providing you with a robust and exhilarating coffee experience.

Every cup fuels an extraordinary journey

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Frequently asked questions

Why are you choosing to sell only on Amazon?

We exclusively partner with Amazon for distribution to ensure seamless, efficient delivery to your doorstep. This allows us to focus on providing exceptional coffee while passing on savings to you.

What is so different about high altitude roasting?

When roasting coffee, the best results come from roasting at the lowest possible temperature with the least amount of time. In higher altitudes, the thin dry air helps avoid baking or scorching the coffee beans which would result in unwanted flavors.

At 13.326 feet, there's no better combination to get the best out of the coffee beans.

Click here to read more about high altitude roasting.